Dragoman Bloodgrue Series

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Dragoman Bloodgrue is a serial short story e-series set in North Docks of the royal city Mount Oryn, in the Dominnion of Kannoral, of the world of Quantos.

It is a fantasy medieval world of knights, dragons, bards and dragomen, lady’s, lords and peasants. All is good until someone gets out of line or forgets to pay.

Can’t find where, who or what you’re looking for? Ask a Dragoman, they’ll help. Have a question that needs an answers? Ask a Watcher, they might know the answer.

Bloodgrue has been an apprentice dragoman since he was sold into the trade when he turned eleven years old.  He is sixteen when new King Dollan IV is coronated, on Autumn 76 Unicorn. The king’s coronation begins the new calendar at Autumn 76 Lizard. That’s where the e-series picks up Bloodgrue’s stories. Bloodgrue lives in the realms of the lower-middle-class, but his appearance is that of middle-lower-class. Join us for our journey into the world of the apprentice dragoman, in the chaos of North Docks, along the shores of the river. Learn along with Bloodgrue, as he experiences new lessons in all aspects of life. We all age and so does Bloodgrue, he wants to be more than a journeyman, but its not happening very easily.


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