Bloodgrue and the races of Kannoral

Bloodgrue is an e-series on Kellan Publishing By Rusty Knight:

This is the opening to episode one:

Autumn 76 Lizard: The sphere is clear as the gods breathe strongly eastward. Bloodgrue watches the skinny, armoured jalmal who is seeking help. The tall, unattractive, seventyish appearing man seems lost. So, Bloodgrue does his job, he approaches the man hoping, as usual, that the jalmal speaks native jalnoric. Sometimes they don’t; rarely, but sometimes.  

In clear jalnoric speech, Bloodgrue offers the man. “Hello outter, you look lost. I am a dragoman apprentice. Perhaps I can help you. My name is Bloodgrue.”

Episode 1, opening paragraph.

There are three main races of humans in the Kannoral setting, of which Bloodgrue is a jalnoric decent.

The three races of humans are jalnoric, toydon and tedon. They are referred to in the stories as jal, toy and ted.

Now, another note in nomenclature is the culture refers to females as fem and males as mal. So when referring to someone, they are referred to as jalfem or jalmal, meaning jalnoric female or jalnoric male, or toyfem or toymal, meaning toydon female or toydon male, etc.

The majority of humans in the Dominnion of Kannoral are jalnoric, basically 65% of them. Then a further 30% are toydon and 4% are tedon, the final 1% are what are referred to as halfers, or of mix breed. Halfers are shunned by everyone and are easily identified simply by appearance.

Jalnoric males are well over six feet tall and over two hundred pounds. Females tend to be six feet tall and nearly one-hundred and eight pounds.

Toydon males tend to be just over six feet tall and around two hundred pounds. As well females tend to be five feet eight inches is average, while one-hundred and sixty pounds is the norm.

Tedon males are an average six feet tall and one-hundred ninety pounds. The females tend towards five feet six inches and one-hundred and forty pounds.

All human have dark black hair that if allow it to grow out to full length naturally, it grows longer than waist long. No humans in Kannoral grow facial hair.

The jalnoric have various tints of grey eyes and toydon have blue, while tedon have brown.

Halfers tend to violet or emerald eyes and brown or blonde hair, also they tend to be shorter than the full stock races and with a slighter build.

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