Bloodgrue’s Season


Apprentice Dragoman becomes Journeyman Dragoman

over the season of Spring, year of Bear

in the Royal City of Mount Oryn

in the Dominnion of Kannoral

World of Quantos

At age eleven, Bloodgrue, a human jalmal, was purchased from Bloodgrue’s family as an apprentice dragoman by Master Terep of North Docks District 5, for the sum of one Royal Flair. Master Terep, seeing no potential in Bloodgrue, sold him one year later, at age twelve, to Master Onar of 4212 Willow Road in North Docks, for the price of one Royal Flair.

That was eight years ago.

This page is dedicated to Bloodgrue’s Spring season in the year of Bear – the year and season Bloodgrue turns twenty, gaining valuable knowledge and status.


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