Dragoman Bloodgrue E-series Explained

Dragoman Bloodgrue e-series is a series of short stories, a medieval soap opera style series, with multiple plot lines. It has multiple characters winding through the life of the main character, Bloodgrue.

Bloodgrue is an apprentice dragoman, in the North Docks Ward of the royal city of Mount Oryn.

Dragoman are guides and couriers of the city, taking people and items from place to place for a fee. They are considered to be middle-middle-class of society, as they have an important role keeping people and items moving to where they need to go.

Mount Oryn is the second largest of the two cities, in the kingdom of the Dominnion on Kannoral, on the continent of North Amara, on the world of Quantos.

Quantos is in a binary star system with two stars, a yellow star and an orange/red star.

Mount Oryn is more of a state than it is a city, divided into thirteen wards. North Docks Ward is the northern most ward, of which it is situated on the south bank of a large river that runs westward through the kingdom.

Mount Oryn has a population of over sixty-four thousand human’s and elves, along with a couple Shestan, which Shes are the Quantos version of orcs.

Humans are basically comprised of three races; the jalnoric (jal) make up sixty-five percent of the human population, the toydon (toy) take up thirty percent, and the tedon (ted) take up four percent. About one percent of the humans are mixed breed (halfer).

The races and their symbols are along with gender symbols:

  • jal – jalnoric
  • toy – toydon
  • ted – tedon
  • fem – female
  • mal – male

These are the seasons with 90 days each:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter

These are the seven years of the calendar cycle:

  • 1 – Lizard
  • 2 – Raccoon
  • 3 – Unicorn
  • 4 – Pine
  • 5 – Bear
  • 6 – Owl
  • 7 – Rose
The currency of the Dominnion of Kannoral are these coins:
  • duster -the copper coin is the lowest valued
  • Dyns – the silver coin, common but not as common as the duster, 10 dusters equal 1 Dyns
  • Royal Flair – a gold coin that is rare among the lower middle class and almost unheard of among the lower class 10 Dyns equal 1 Flair
  • Quanton – an electrum coin, rarest coin, so rare it is almost unheard of among the classes of all ranks, the mages and priests trade in this coin. 5 Flairs equal 1 Quanton
  • Chan – the platinum coin and highest value, only traded among the middle-upper class and upper-upper-class as a general rule. 10 Flairs equal 1 Chan
  • 10 dusters = 1 Dyns
  • 10 Dyns = 1 Flair
  • 10 Flairs = 1 Chan
  • 5 Flairs = 1 Quanton
  • 2 Quanton = 1 Chan
  • Traders work in kind value, scribed as: 0.00 cn; 1.00 cn = 1 Flair, 0.01 cn = 1 duster

Within the stories you are adventuring with Bloodgrue, a young jalmal (jalnoric male)  who is sixteen when you meet him. Bloodgrue has been an apprentice dragoman for five years. The last four of those years to Journeyman Dragoman Onar, from 4212 Willow Road, North Docks Ward, Mount Oryn.

Things do not go well for Bloodgrue for those five years. But they may just get worse for him now. Or, maybe just different? Or will things improve? Will he ever become a journeyman? That is why you will want to read the series of short stories, to find out. Perhaps reading the stories during a coffee break, at lunch, at the bus stop, when you wake up or before bed? Each short story is generally four to six pages. Some stories are longer, so they may take twenty minutes of your time. Bloodgrue will entertain you, if you like romantic intrigue, or mystery, or danger, or combat, or simple living events with growth through life, its all here. Each short story is different.

You will meet Blue Hair, a chicken merchant who retired as a bounty hunter and soon mentors Bloodgrue. Also, The Fellow, a roguish outter who is a bounty hunter settling into the city life, who becomes friends with Bloodgrue. Then there is, Noah,  the peasant hero, Bloodgrue saved the life of. Romantic? Lilla might interest you. Now, Bloodgrue is a dragoman who finds places and people, but try as he might he can’t find the one person who he wants to find. Keep reading to see how this all goes.

Remember, you’re paying less than a cup of coffee for what will entertain you longer than four cups of coffee will.


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