Dragoman Bloodgrue Availability

Dragoman Bloodgrue can be found at Inevitable Unicorn Press. The Dragoman Bloodgrue is a serial e-series of short stories with the character Bloodgrue. The Story begins as the new King is coronated. The series is an of an ongoing, open-ended,  soap opera style.

Greetings, this is all things Bloodgrue.

Announcing several items current and upcoming


Dragoman Bloodgrue series: is published with Inevitable Unicorn Press, release date was January 15th 2016. All 65 e-series short stories will be published in the InUPress’ book store by December 2017.

Owerton challenge blog was started in 2009, as a challenge to write 500 word stories. The blog challenge was designed to use three words plus a season and a number. 79 blogs were written, the majority in a two year stretch. Due to obligations, the blog was retired ending June 1 2015. Owerton blog has been revived again January 2016 with new characters Dalan, Markus and Lanis averaging between 800 and 3,000 words a post in epic fantasy genre and a sci-fi space genre based on the Star Grade world setting of Rusty Knight’s. Rusty switched the challenge to asking the readers for three words and he now keeps the blog posts in story chronological order. The word submission is explained in the blog posts if you want to submit, read a post to the end in order to discover hot to contact Rusty Knight and InUPress with your contribution to these challenges.

Bard & Dragoman started on December 15 2014. B & D is coauthored with Aria & Rusty Knight, it was originally intended to be published every two weeks. However, we have written so much material, we are tending to publishing every week, until publishing became so busy time was an issue in August 2016, we reduced the schedule back to every two weeks at http://www.barddragoman.com We publish at average of 4,000 word in our B & D posts.


Laret: Is a fantasy novel, not related to Bloodgrue serial stories. Laret was originally due out for release August 2016. Now looking more towards November 2017. The novel is based in the Quantos world setting. Laret is to be published by IUniverse. January 12 2016 the 1st draft was completed,  we then had chapter beta readers examine the manuscript up to November 2016. InUPress continually is looking for more beta readers for each of its projects. If you apply and we work together, I will place your name in the book’s acknowledgements and you will receive a free copy of the first run which comes off the press. To apply, contact me at rusty@inupress.ca stating you are applying for an interview to be a beta reader for InUPress projects.

My own online publishing is being conducted over at Inevitable Unicorn Press at www.inupress.ca , come and visit us. You’ll find issues of Markus and Dalan e-zine along with issues of the serial series Dragoman Bloodgrue.

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